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FADparis is a Decoration Portal which presents quality decoration professionals' products.

FADparis was created by decorators willing to share and promote their taste for beautiful decoration items, for antiques, and for all styles and periods.

Today this state of mind is still FADparis', where a full range of products are exposed: from home furniture to garden decoration, medieval style to contemporary style, regional furniture, antiques, craftspeople's and artists' works of art, traditional manufacturers' products...

FADparis selects its exhibitors among decoration professionals: decorators, craftspeople, art craftspeople, antique dealers, furniture manufacturers, shops, retailers... They all take to heart to perpetuate their traditional know-how by promoting quality products.

FADparis proposes its visitors a wide range of original and quality items to decorate and fit up their house, their garden, and public places... Because it gathers so many different items, FADparis helps visitors to choose, and makes them discover products, techniques, styles... still unknown to them.

FADparis was created in 1998 and is well-known among antique dealers and French decorators.

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